It is said that people retain approximately 10% of what you tell them. With over 3,000 components in the typical RV, even the best dealer walkaround will leave you yearning for more. Welcome to the RV Handbook 4th edition.

“The RV Handbook 4th Edition is designed to help educate and provide a guide for anyone looking to purchase an RV or get more enjoyment out of the one they already have. The original RV Handbook was penned by Bill Estes over twenty years ago, with the 3rd Edition published in 2000. Since that time, there have been monumental improvements in every aspect of the RV industry, from engine power to the way we watch TV.

Topics include: Tire care, maintenance, and weight ratings Choosing the right floorplan and RV for you Extend the life of your batteries Boondocking tips Top 10 roadside emergency service calls Finding a 12-volt parasitic drain Check your campground 120-volt power Driving tips...and much more.

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